When a company is insolvent liquidating the company may be the correct option. The team at Hawkins Insolvency have dealt with hundreds of liquidations over the years and are available to advise all stakeholders on this process. In a nutshell it is initiated by the directors who convene a meeting of members/shareholders to resolve to wind the company up.

There are a number of trigger events linked to a company’s insolvency and we can assist in identifying these. Liquidation does not necessarily mean the end of the business, which is different to the company, which may be carried forward in a new entity, in accordance with the Insolvency Act 1986 and the Insolvency Rules 1986.

At the end of the process the company is struck off the Register at Companies House. Hawkins Insolvency will take care of the affairs of the company while it is wound up.

Solvent Liquidation often when a company has reached the end of its useful life or members wish to release capital the company may be wound up voluntarily. We offer a fixed fee solvent liquidation process and will work with you and your professional advisors to release the cash back to you.

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