Take a look at what our clients say about us

"Dear Sam, I am just emailing to thank you and your company for all you done for me when I got made redundant from XYZ Limited. Everything has been sorted. So I thank you all again."

Yours Faithfully Mr CC in Wales.
Former employee of Insolvent Company. Appointment November 2012

"Sam, I am so relieved you took control of this awful situation. Thank you."

Mr PD Director of Insolvent Company placed into Liquidation.
Appointment November 2012

"You have been fantastic."
Mr VR Director of Insolvent Company placed into liquidation.
Appointment January 2013

"I can sleep at night again, thanks Sam for all your help I did not know where to turn."

Mr PB Director of Insolvent Company placed into liquidation.
Appointment February 2013

"Solicitors I have been dealing with for months were not as quick as picking up the information as you. Thank you for your help. My wife is relieved to have a resolution to this mess."

Mr LG Director of Insolvent Company.
Appointment March 2013

"It was such a relief to meet you Sam. Thanks for all your help with my company. I was so worried. I now have a clean slate to start again."

Mr PPD Director of Insolvent Company placed into liquidation.
Appointment March 2013

"It was a pleasure to deal with Hawkins Insolvency. They helped reassure and guide our client through what is a very unnerving process. Our clients felt in very safe hands."

Richard from Embark Finance 

'...Most importantly thank you for today. Getting this off my back is fantastic, thank you.’

Mr ME Director of an insolvent company placed into liquidation.

'Thanks Sam, I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back in control and have my life on track again.'

Mrs MH director of insolvent company.

"Sam my accountant told me your firm is good but you're so knowledgable and you've got a heart of gold, thanks for everything." 

Mr NR director of Bristol based insolvent company trading for over 40 years. 

"When I first met Clive I had no idea where to turn. I felt really depressed, embarrassed and very guilty that I’d got myself into this position of total despair. Clive spent time with me explaining my options in a way I could understand. When he told me about writing some of my debts off, in a legal and ethical way, I couldn’t believe such a possibility existed. He gave me a sense of what was going to happen next and he was at my side throughout this journey which started with difficulty but ended with success.

All communication with my creditors was with Hawkins Insolvency and I didn’t have to take any pressurised calls again. This was a huge relief considering how much correspondence there had been from my creditors. Thank you Clive for giving me back peaceful nights. I cannot recommend Hawkins Insolvency highly enough." 

Mr PJ Bridgend
2 July 2013

"Clive’s opening statement to me was ‘how are you?’ not ‘how is the business’ I thought this was a very human touch. I am so grateful for meeting Clive, he has made a pressurised and daunting process much easier, thank you Clive." 

Mr MA Cardiff
3 July 2013

"Thank you so much Sam we feel quite relieved to have you helping us. My wife will call you tomorrow. Thanks again."

Mr EA Bristol
4 July 2013

"Hi Samantha. Thank you for passing my details onto Clive this morning. I have been to see him and having felt reassured in his suggestions have requested your company act for me. I must also add that I am very impressed with both you and Clive's commitment and to making me feel so relaxed about it all and the IVA case study was a big help. Thank you."

Insolvent debtor looking for a solution to his personal debt problem
22 July 2013

"Thanks a million Sam." 

Mr TW Director of insolvent company
31 July 2013

"Sam you were amazing, the questions were so hard but you and Clive were brilliant." 

Mr SR director of an insolvent company placed into liquidation
September 2013

"It’s just thanks to Clive really that I feel so much better about everything, a new start for us as a family." 

Mrs PK director of insolvent company placed into liquidation
September 2013

"Great company, great people." 

Director of a business needing insolvency advice
September 2013.

"I've come to you as you know what you're talking about and I need someone like you."

Miss S, struggling with personal debt
30 October 2013

"This is a mess, they've had some very poor advice from some unregulated advisors who haven't a clue what they are doing. it's really complicated and I want you to meet with him (the finance director) and sort this out."

Miss X partner in a prestigious accountancy firm in Bristol
30 October 2013

"Sam is just amazing! Dispensing great advice within minutes of a request for help from a client who is having trouble getting money owed from one of his clients who has ceased trading. Thank you Sam." 

Miss JG
1 October 2013.

Director of insolvent company placed into liquidation in September 2013.
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"You have been bloody brilliant. Thanks Clive, thanks Sam."

Mr WB director of insolvent company badly handled by unregulated advisors
and placed into liquidation as assisted by Hawkins and Co.

November 2013

"Sam the human touch you gave my client was incredible, we will only be using
your firm from now on." 

Director of regional accountancy firm
5 February 2014

"The main thing I would like to say about Hawkins Insolvency is how professional
you have been. You've made a painful process less painful with your nurturing and professional support via phone calls and visits. Clive is a Godsend. We will happily recommend you to anyone who needs your services." 

Mr MS director of a company placed into insolvent liquidation
17 February 201